Professional Developer

Instructional Technology: PowerTeacher Pro, Google Classroom, Naviance, Hyperdoc Strategies for the Classroom; Jamboards for remote learning; PowerPoint or PowerPointless? – Hartford Public Schools – 2015-2022

Distance Learning Facilitator

Peer mentoring and coaching from the onset of the pandemic and through the following school year.  Helped teachers transition from in-class to remote learning.  Hartford Public Schools -2020-2021

Communications Director

Managed digital communications, including website and social media presence.  –  Bulkeley High School -2020-2022

Instructional Trainer

Trained new instructors on teaching strategies and marketing techniques.  Instructors were deployed throughout the company.  – Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios – 2011-2015

Chair, Strategic Action Planning Team – Communications

Wrote the Communications Action Plans in our district’s strategic planning process.  – Newtown Public Schools – 2008 – 2009 

Curriculum Leadership Council

Developed district-wide curriculum initiatives, with a focus on Understanding by Design.  New Canaan Public Schools – 2005 – 2007

Technology Council

Wrote and implemented the district technology plan, including state mandates.  New Canaan Public Schools – 2005 – 2007

Special Education Steering Committee 

Implemented the district’s response to the PJ Decision.  Administrator for implementing inclusion at Maloney High School.  Meriden Public Schools – 2003 – 2005 

Positive Behavioral Support District Committee (PBS) 

Wrote and implemented district universals and school-based PBS initiatives.  Meriden Public Schools – 2003 – 2005 

Co-Chair –  District Community Outreach Committee 

Built stronger ties between the school system and the community.  Meriden Public Schools – 2003 – 2005 

School Improvement Committee 

Served as an administrative voice for school change on a committee of elected faculty members.  Maloney High School – 2003 – 2005

Achievement Gap Committee

Developed initiatives to address the achievement gap among Meriden students.  (Later merged with Special Education Steering Committee.)  Meriden Public Schools – 2003 – 2004

Professional Development Committee 

Served as an administrative voice for direction of school-based professional development.  Maloney High School – 2003 – 2005

Music Department Curriculum Supervisor

Coordinated district-wide Music In Our Schools Month Celebration (March 2005), Coordinated Maloney Fine Arts Festival (May 2005).  Meriden Public Schools – 2003 – 2005 

Chair, Independent Study Program 

Developed the standards material and documentation, supervised the program, approval process, and student assessment.  Weston High School – 2002 – 2003

Chair, Faculty Attendance Committee 

Developed policy and implementation practices, supervised the appeals process, maintained loss-of-credit records, handled parent notification.  Weston High School – 2002 – 2003

Co-Chair, Strategic Planning Action Team – Curriculum

Developed 22 District-Wide Curriculum Action Plans.  Weston Public Schools – 2002 – 2003 

Co-Chair, NEASC Standard Committee on Curriculum 

Co-chaired the committee responsible for the assessment of Weston High School’s curriculum.  Weston High School – 2001 – 2002

Professional Development Committee 

Set the professional development agenda for the district.  Weston Public Schools – 2000 – 2002 

Fine Arts Hiring Committee 

Hired 6 new staff members to fill replacement and expansion positions.  Weston Public Schools – 2000 – 2003

BEST Mentor/Cooperating Teacher

4 Mentees (Math, World Language, 2 Music); 2 Student Teachers (M.S. & H.S. Music).  Weston Public Schools, Weston, CT – Seven Years

Theatre Technology Supervisor

Managed the primary meeting and performance facility for the town of Weston, CT.  Weston High School, Weston, CT – 2001 – 2003

Production Director/Advisor, WHS Company & WMS Short Wharf

Directed and/or supervised 24 productions over a seven-year period.  Weston Public Schools, Weston, CT – Seven Years