Teacher, Coach, Entrepreneur, Dad

A veteran educator in both the technology and humanities spaces.  An entrepreneur with a thriving digital marketing practice.  But most of all, a dad.

Learning is a voluntary act.


The most enduring gifts in our life are the things we learn.  We educators are fortunate because we answered the call to teach.

Teaching is the best – and toughest – job there is.  Teachers are magicians and superheroes.  


You dream.  We’ll put it on the web.  Fanfare Enterprises is a digital marketing firm creating digital presence for small to medium sized businesses.  

The Best Job EVER


She is my “why.”  

And that’s about all I have to say about that. 

What I'm Doing Now

I love doing what I get to do every day.  Take a minute to watch this video and you’ll see why.  

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