Heather’s Wish List

Purchased gifts (so you know what she’s already received for her birthday.

  • Charm Bracelet and charms to keep at Daddy’s House
  • Sneakers size 13/1
  • Brown Headbands
  • Short Barbie dresses to fit a mini stuffed animal (I have no clue what this is…just taking dictation from my little girl)
  • Jewelry Box – The Dellas (for Christmas, so shhh…)

Want an idea: See the book ideas here!

Additional Purchases (In case you get a good idea along the way…)

  • Outfit with leggings and a light green hoodie. (Halzacks)
  • Frozen Monopoly Junior
  • Jean Fritz Chapter Books: Pocahantas; Lizzie Stanton; Teddy Roosevelt;
  • Books: Anne of Green Gables; Treasure Island
  • Oil Pastels and Paper
  • Pink Hoodie, jeans, white top, pink top
  • Beardsley Zoo Membership
  • “Frozen” Blanket
  • Animal puzzle
  • Callico Critters; Tuxedo Cats, Kitchen
  • Anna doll (from Frozen)
  • 2 Christmas Dresses (we’re all set here)
  • “Sisters Forever” shirt; book & marker; orange and pink hat; orange headband; large marker book; orange school supplies; flower pencils;

If you would like to claim items…thank  you so much.

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