Protect Internet Freedom – NOW

Just in case you’ve missed it , congress is working on a law called the “Stop Online Piracy Act,” and a partner law, the “Protect IP Act.”   It’s why Google has the big black thing on their logo, and why Wikipedia is blacked out.   I’ll give you the gist based on what I read in the two acts […]

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Fawkes on Facebook – a nasty little attack

There is a nasty little Facebook identity attack making the rounds.  Many sources now point to something called “Fawkes” malware, by an international “hacktivist” group called “Anonymous,” or a splinter of the same organization.   Check your Facebook account regularly, just to be safe.

What does this virus do?

This particular piece of malware takes over your news feed and begins publishing […]

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Thank you, Steve.

We knew this day would come, but it doesn’t make it any easier, really.  At 56, Steve Jobs was a creative genius who passed well before his time.  He had a remarkably simple, elegant, and noble idea.  Technology should be for everyone.  It should be simple and straightforward to use, it should be highly functional, reliable, and even fun.  Technology […]

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Occupy Wall Street .com

Absolutely new and different, yet somehow, it isn’t.  The U.S. economy is on the rocks, the global economy following, and there are protesters occupying Liberty Plaza on Wall Street.  And, bit by bit, these occupations are beginning to spread across the country.

The protests are, perhaps, a bit less focused as the ones we remember from the late 60’s and early […]

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Security code? What the *$&^# is THAT???

I’m all for on line security.  Except , of course, when it protects me from getting to my own stuff.

Many secure sites have begun using randomly generated security codes, from programs like “Captcha,” to ensure that the end user is a human being.  As a regular blogger, I think that’s great.  I end up “spamming” a dozen or so absurd […]

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Extraaaa lettersssss. Do I need to get my “Members Only” jacket down from the attic?

I predict that some of our current text message will go the way of our 1980’s “Members Only” jackets.   OK, maybe it’s just something I hope will happen.  In particular, I’d like to make a plea to stop using extra letters.  Please?

If you don’t know what a “Members Only” jacket is, you are probably of an age that makes […]

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