Fawkes on Facebook – a nasty little attack

There is a nasty little Facebook identity attack making the rounds.  Many sources now point to something called “Fawkes” malware, by an international “hacktivist” group called “Anonymous,” or a splinter of the same organization.   Check your Facebook account regularly, just to be safe.

What does this virus do?

This particular piece of malware takes over your news feed and begins publishing […]

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Occupy Wall Street .com

Absolutely new and different, yet somehow, it isn’t.  The U.S. economy is on the rocks, the global economy following, and there are protesters occupying Liberty Plaza on Wall Street.  And, bit by bit, these occupations are beginning to spread across the country.

The protests are, perhaps, a bit less focused as the ones we remember from the late 60’s and early […]

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Don’t ask, don’t tell…glad to see the death of a stupid law.

I’ve never had the honor of wearing the uniform.  I admire and respect anyone who does.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why, in 2011, we care whether a soldier is gay or straight.  Can anyone help me out with that one?

We are blessed to have an all-volunteer military.  Everyone in uniform chose to be there.  Hopefully, […]

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