McBlackBelts? It’s an honor, not a Happy Meal.

A while back I was working at a studio and a boy approached me, pointed to me, and said, “Ha, ha!  I’m a higher belt than you.  I’m a black belt.  You’re only a red belt.”  The boy was 7, and as it happens, a 2nd degree black belt.  His 6 year old sister was about to test for her […]

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Why do I do kung fu?

As a martial arts instructor, I get this question all the time.  Kung Fu is the most complete, peace loving, effective, and life-building martial art on the planet.  Since beginning my Shaolin journey, I’ve found that my life has improved on so many levels.


The fitness benefits are second to none.  Since beginning my Shaolin Kung Fu journey, I’ve enjoyed the […]

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