Glad it finally happened

So today 34-year-old Wizards center Jason Collins came out in Sports Illustrated as a gay man.  Yes, I’m conservative.  And yes, I’m going to say it.  “Good for you.  Glad someone finally had the guts to come out.”  It stands to reason that dozens of the “tough guys” we watch play our favorite sports are closeted gay men.  According to […]

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Don’t ask, don’t tell…glad to see the death of a stupid law.

I’ve never had the honor of wearing the uniform.  I admire and respect anyone who does.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why, in 2011, we care whether a soldier is gay or straight.  Can anyone help me out with that one?

We are blessed to have an all-volunteer military.  Everyone in uniform chose to be there.  Hopefully, […]

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