Occupy Wall Street .com

Absolutely new and different, yet somehow, it isn’t.  The U.S. economy is on the rocks, the global economy following, and there are protesters occupying Liberty Plaza on Wall Street.  And, bit by bit, these occupations are beginning to spread across the country.

The protests are, perhaps, a bit less focused as the ones we remember from the late 60’s and early […]

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McBlackBelts? It’s an honor, not a Happy Meal.

A while back I was working at a studio and a boy approached me, pointed to me, and said, “Ha, ha!  I’m a higher belt than you.  I’m a black belt.  You’re only a red belt.”  The boy was 7, and as it happens, a 2nd degree black belt.  His 6 year old sister was about to test for her […]

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Newtown Schools to Implement Angry Birds Course

“The students were playing it all the time in the cafeteria on their smart phones.  As a former science teacher and computer programmer, this just seemed like a natural progression,” said Newtown High School’s Principal.  The principal, himself a physicist, said he was compelled by the physics applications that are so integral to the game.

This has led to the development […]

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