Since folks have begun replying to my blog, I find myself with an excuse to write a “Blog Comment Policy.”  I hope you understand why everything on the blog must be “moderated.”

  • Please be nice.
  • Anyone is welcome and encouraged to comment.
  • You are welcome – even ENCOURAGED – to voice dissenting views.  Yes, that even means views that disagree with mine.  Radical views, hyperbole, extremism, creativity, and wacky statements are welcome.  I like conservatives, liberals, libertarians, bleeding hearts, tea party members, communists, socialists, people who voted for Ron Paul, Ross Perot, and Mickey Mouse.  I love Kung Fu, but respect several other martial arts.  And as a teacher and a parent, there is no end to the Education discussions we might have.  I LOVE good debate, so please engage in the dialogue.
  • If you post to this blog, be ready to hear disagreement.  Sometimes from me, sometimes from other readers.
  • Comments should be on the topic, or at least closely related.  Or at least represent a good effort.  Heck, I’ll take just about anything that shows a brain at work.  Try to spell check, though, if you can.
  • Please avoid personal attacks.  I like a spirited debate as much as the next guy, but let’s keep it nice, like folks hanging around a fire in my backyard.  (For example, it’s OK to say, “John, I disagree with you on that point.  Here is why….”  It’s not OK to say, “John, you ignorant, egg-sucking moron.  Please curl up and die.”  Make sense?)
  • Don’t bother using this blog to sell any of your stupid crap.  I’m not interested, and neither are my readers.
  • If you’re involved in an MLM (multi-level marketing) of any sort and want to use this blog to connect people to your “opportunity,” please go away.  Forever.  Preferably under a large rock if at all possible.  (I’m sorry – did that sound hostile?)
  • I’m going to moderate everything that goes up on the blog.  If I can’t let my daughter read it, I’m not going to approve it.
  • Hate speech of any kind is unwelcome, and will not be posted.  (Hate speech, in my book, is anything racist, sexist, picks on people for their sexual orientation, or reflects bigoted viewpoints.)  Everyone should feel welcome to post their views.  Please be nice.
I hope you can deal with these guidelines.  I reserve the right to change my mind for any reason whatsoever.  Thanks.