I’ve been looking for the words for 3 1/2 months now.  I don’t think I’ve found them yet, but here is a start.  I just saw the State Attorney’s Report on the Sandy Hook investigation.  Here is what I’m thinking right now.

He went in with 270 rounds (nine 30-round mags) just for his Bushmaster. He used 146 rounds to kill 20 babies and 6 teachers. He replaced three of the magazines without emptying them, just like the kids do in shooter games. He brought two other handguns along, just in case 270 rounds and a dinosaur gun wasn’t enough.

This kid spent years in a windowless basement a mile and a half from the room where my daughter sleeps. He played Call of Duty for more hours than most people spend at work. He did an in-depth, statistical analysis of the top mass-murders of our time. He had no reason to get a job, a purpose, or a life, because at age 20 he was able to live at home with mommy. Daddy had enough money to start a new life in Jersey and keep the mom and the sonny in a nice neighborhood in Sandy Hook.

Mommy kept Mr. Bat-Shit-Crazy in the windowless basement for years. Her drinking buddies at My Place talked about what a great mom she was. She provided all the technology he needed, and took him out of school so he’d have lots of time on his hands. She collected a massive arsenal (including an assault rifle and NINE 30-round mags) and made sure her son knew how to use weapons like a pro. Mommy didn’t break any laws. Nobody in our small New England hamlet noticed that something might be strange at 36 Yogananda St. Mr. Bat-Shit-Crazy didn’t break any laws until he shot his mother, and nobody noticed anything until he started gunning down babies and teachers.

Yeah – it’s not about one thing. Its about LOTS of things. Yes, I’m angry as hell, tired of the meaningless shrill of the left, and the snide ignorance of the right. This isn’t Hartford’s problem, or Washington’s. It happened up the street from my house. It’s OUR challenge to face.