I’m all for on line security.  Except , of course, when it protects me from getting to my own stuff.

Many secure sites have begun using randomly generated security codes, from programs like “Captcha,” to ensure that the end user is a human being.  As a regular blogger, I think that’s great.  I end up “spamming” a dozen or so absurd comments every day on my blogs, so it makes sense.

But, leave it to Microsoft to screw this one up.  The other day I went on line to update a Bing listing for a client, and ran into this:


VwXkr5? VWxkL5f? VwXE5f? Bueller...anyone...Bueller...?






So, of course, I clicked “refresh.”  Then I got this.

NEkuepy? NeKUepY? Yeah, this is working great.







I tried about 6 different combinations, and it kept giving me the same code until I hit refresh.  By my 4th attempt on my 7th code, I finally got in.

I run into these codes all the time, and I think they’re great.  I’m going to put one on my own blog, in fact, to cut down on the spam.  But c’mon, Microsoft!  Can you at least TRY to make the software useable before you unleash it on an innocent public?